Our Brands

As we gained the confidence of customers, the demand of our products also grew steadily.
In order to cater to the different needs of consumers and to tune into their emotions, we branched out and new brands were set up.



Our premium brand for a wide range of all type of spices, groceries, pickles, frozen vegetables, fruits and ready to eat products and many more, made with unadulterated and natural ingredients. Uncompromised quality and customer-centric approach make Saurbhi people’s favorite. You can enjoy choicest range from crunchy khakhra to perfect pickle… and everything in between you can think of!

Mitti Di Khushboo


There are hardly any places on earth where you won’t find a proud Punjabi! To fulfil the demands of people from this region, we have come with a dedicated food range. Now Punjabis can get the taste of home wherever they are!